This valley nurtures some of the best grapes in
Glenn and Gayle Cook in their vineyard.
The winery from the main house.
This picture was taken during an expansion
phase.  Even though the cook family winery is
growing, traditional handcrafting is still the way
they produce wines of distinction.
About Us
If you are a valued guest and very lucky, you will get
to drink from the bucket... Only the insiders in the
wine industry know the joy of this ritual!  
Glenn retired from his successful dental practice south of
San Francisco to devote full time energy to his passion for
making fine wine.

Gayle is a flight attendant who usually flies routes to Asia.  
They raised their family in St. Helena and contribute many
volunteer hours to the community they enjoy and value.  

For 25 years they've lived at Stoney Springs Winery,  a name
they gave their winery early on and ke
pt.  They bottle their  
wine under the
g cook trade name.   

Having excellent growing conditions in an area that is
already world renowned for growing grapes, they've sold
their grapes to a few of the most exclusive wineries for
Becoming a bonded winery was the natural next step in the
process for they have bottled their own wine to enjoy and give
as gifts for many years.

Glenn is the winemaker who uses his education in science
and an obsession for detail to create fine wine.  He and
Gayle enjoy  the process that demands a solicitous mixture
of science and art.

The lucky few who have sampled their wines are thrilled that
the wines are finally available for sale.   
 Our Wines
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264 North Fork Crystal Springs Road
St. Helena, CA  94574
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The Cooks have 'winery dogs' ...  
treasured mascots in Napa Valley...
oh yes, and a cat.