Your visit with us will be a treasured memory

Imagine visiting for a brief time among the vines that create some of
the most lauded California wines. You'll enjoy a lovely setting,  and a
private glimpse into the behind the scenes work of a small and
thriving winery.  

Rarely does one get to enjoy a taste of wine from the barrel any
more.  The sterile (but lovely) environments of the large wineries are
necessary because of their size and popularity.  You can go back in
time with us to a period when the winemaker was accessible and the
wine could be enjoyed at each step in the process.

Call to reserve time at the winery during "crush" in October.  
Definitely one of the most popular times of the year for our guests;
you'll enjoy a new perspective as you watch and/or help  the
winemaker.  You'll want to take lots of pictures and share your stories
with friends. After you've experienced "crush" at the cook family
winery with Gayle and Glenn, you'll enjoy your next glass of wine
with a new found pleasure.

To make a reservation, call 707-963-8990
You'll talk with Glenn or Gayle, your hosts and owners of the winery.  
They'll give you insight as to what will be happening at the winery
during your visit.  
Friends enjoy two options of accommodations
Queen bed in loft bedroom with kitchen and private bath
Queen bed, kitchen and private bath
Both are adjacent to the working winery

"It would be hard to imagine a more
perfect experience for a wine lover
than staying at your wonderful winery
during crush.  Your willingness to
explain the process has enhanced our
enjoyment of wine (amazing that it was
even possible!) and we're looking
forward to our next visit.  

Thank you for one of our top two
vacation experiences.  Don't be
offended, the other was the space
shuttle.    We often toast you, your
winery and your beautiful property."
J and K Kansas City
Not quite wine... crushed only
days before this guest tasted
the juice.  
Visit theWinery
Guests schedule their sightseeing around the
activities at the winery.  Gayle and Glenn are
generous hosts and will answer questions and offer
you "young" wine to try.
Clockwise from above left from October 06:
-Gayle and Glenn, your hosts, standing with a guest
-The stainless tanks hold the red wine before going
into the barrels.
-A crowd gathered to witness crush
-Transferring grapes to the press
-Gayle in the tank
-A guest helping before leaving for dinner at one of
St. Helena's renowned restaurants
-White wine pumped into barrels
-Grapes sorted and de-stemmed
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